HKDSE - School-based assessment

Some of the Category A subjects in HKDSE include School-based Assessment (SBA). The assessment is carried out by the candidates’ own subject teachers. The marks awarded will be part of the results in the HKDSE.

School candidates have to complete SBA of their entered subjects in order to obtain the marks of the SBA part in the final results of HKDSE. Private candidates are not required to join SBA. Their SBA marks in the final results are obtained by referencing the SBA marks of the school candidates having the same results in the public exams. The private candidates of Visual Arts have to submit their own portfolios in lieu of SBA. The weighting of the portfolio is the same as SBA of school candidates.

The weightings of SBA differ in respective subjects as listed below:

Category A: Senior secondary subjectsWeighting of SBA in the final result
202020212022 ‒ 232024
Chinese24% #10% #15%
English25% #15%
Liberal Studies20%10% #0% #×
Biology20%0% #20%
Chemistry20%0% #20%
Chi. Lit.15%0% #15%
Com. Sc.20%0% #×
Design & Applied Tech.40%20% #40%
Health Mgmt. & Soc. Care20%0% #20%
ICT20%0% #20%
Integrated Sc.20%0% #×
Lit. in Eng.20%0% #20%
Physics20%0% #20%
Tech. & Living30%0% #30%
Visual Arts50%

# Due to the influence of COVID-19 pandemic, in HKDSE 2020-2023, the weightings of SBA for some of the subjects will be temporarily adjusted.

× Subject cancelled

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Source of data: Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority