HKDSE - Category C: Other Language Subjects

In 2024 HKDSE or before, the Other Language Subjects in HKDSE include 6 languages: French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Spanish and Urdu. The Cambridge Assessment International Education (Cambridge International) provides the exam papers of the Advanced Subsidiary (AS) level, and also conducts marking and grading.

From 2025 onwards, the Other Language Subjects in HKDSE include 5 languages: French, German, Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Candidates will have to enter the language examinations provided by the stipulated official cultural organisations. Candidates’ results at the stipulated level or above will be included in the HKDSE results.

The results for Category C subjects are indicated by 5 grades: a, b, c, d, e. Grade a is the highest and grade e is the lowest. The results below grade e are “Ungraded” or designated by U and are not reported on the certificate.

In 2017 and before, the examinations of Category C subjects were held two times in each academic year: November and June series exams respectively. French and Spanish were offered in both series. The exams of other 4 language subjects were held in June series only. However, each candidate may enter for each subject once in each academic year. From the 2018 HKDSE, all six Category C subjects will be held once a year in November only. The candidates who intend to take the Category C French and Spanish examination should sit the November Series examination. The Category C subjects entered in November 2017 Series will be counted as the subjects for 2018 HKDSE.

Statistics of HKDSE Category C subjects

In {{year}}, totally {{total}} candidates entered the Other Language subjects, i.e., {{percent}} of all the entered candidates.
In {{year}}, the Other Language subject “{{maxentsubj}}” had the most number of entered candidates, totally {{maxentnum}}, whereas “{{minentsubj}}” had the least number of entered candidates, only {{minentnum}}.

The secondary schools offering subjects related to Other Language Subjects

The information of medium of instruction is based on English version of the Secondary School Profiles (SSP) and for reference only. The information in the SSP is entered and vetted by the schools. The subjects provided by the schools may not be HKDSE curriculum. Please contact the schools for the details.

To know more, please visit: Banding and medium of instruction of secondary schools