HKDSE - Study in Taiwan

There are three main channels for applying admission to the undergraduate programmes of Taiwan institutions: “Individual Recruitment”, “Joint Distribution” and “Individual Application”.

individual Recruitment

Some of the Taiwan institutions are approved by the Ministry of Education to enroll students from Hong Kong through Individual Recruitment. The institutions may have their own application arrangements, such as faculties, entry requirements, number of intakes, application date, result release date, etc. Candidates should carefully read the admission guidelines of each institution. Individual Recruitment is divided into two phases. There are usually fewer choices of institutions in the second phase.

Individual Application

The candidates may choose up to 4 choices if they apply for admission to Taiwan universities via “Individual Application”. The institutions will determine the acceptance by considering the results of the secondary school and public exam (including HKDSE). Then the Committee will allocate offers according to the order of choices.

Joint Distribution

Candidates may apply for the undergraduate programmes in Taiwan via “Joint Distribution” using their HKDSE results. The admission score is the sum of 5 subjects. Three of them are compulsory, including “Chinese Language”, “English Language” and “Mathematics (compulsory part)”. The rest 2 subjects are selected from one of the 3 Categories. Each Category contains different electives of HKDSE Category A subjects. An elective in different Group may be assigned different weighting.

Category A: Senior secondary subjects
Weighting in each Category
First CategorySecond CategoryThird Category
Compulsory subjectsChinese Language1.31.31.3
English Language1.31.31.3
Mathematics Compulsory Part1.31.31.3
Elective subjects

Any 2 subjects

Combined ScienceN/A1.51.5
Mathematics Extended Part (M1/M2)N/A1.51.5
Information and Communication Technology1.11.1N/A
Design and Applied Technology1.11.1N/A
Chinese Literature1.1N/AN/A
Literature in English1.1N/AN/A
Chinese History1.1N/AN/A
Business, Accounting and Financial Studies1.1N/AN/A
Integrated Science11.11.1
Technology and Living11.11.1
Liberal Studies111
Visual Arts11N/A
Physical Education1N/A1
Tourism and Hospitality Studies1N/A1
Health Management and Social Care1N/A1
Ethics and Religious Studies1N/AN/A

Note that “Liberal Studies” is considered as an electives in all Categories. “Extended Part of Mathematics” is considered as a full subject in the Second and Third Categories.

Conversion of HKDSE result to the admission score for Taiwan universities
HKDSEConverted score

The post-secondary programmes in Taiwan are grouped into different areas of study, namely “The 18 Disciplines”, consisting of “Information”, “Architecture & Design”, “Management”, “Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery & Husbandry”, “Medical Health”, “Life Science”, “Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry”, “Earth & Environment”, “Engineering”, “Education”, “Social & Psychology”, “Physical Education & Leisure”, “Politics & Law”, “Fine Art”, “Foreign Language”, “Financial & Economics”, “Mass Communication”, “Literature, History and Philosophy”.

Scoring method for the First, Second or Third Category will be used to calculate the admission score depending on the Category to which the programme belongs. Each applicant can choose up to 70 programmes. All the programme choices must either belong to the First Category, or across the Second and the Third Categories. The Category of the first choice will be used to calculate the admission scores for all the choices.

  • First Category: “Literature, History and Philosophy”, “Foreign Language”, “Politics & Law”, “Social & Psychology”, “Mass Communication”, “Fine Art”, “Education”, “Financial & Economics”, “Management”.
  • Second Category: “Mathematics, Physics & Chemistry”, “Engineering”, “Information”, “Earth & Environment”, “Architecture & Design”.
  • Third Category: “Medical Health”, “Life Science”, “Agriculture, Forestry, Fishery & Husbandry”, “Physical Education & Leisure”.