HKDSE - 2021 JUPAS Programme JSSV05

Technological & Higher Edu. Institute of HK, VTC
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) in Civil Engineering
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Application and offer statistics

Application statistics
Offer Statistics
Band A Competition Ratio

1st year tuition fee

This programme is under the “Study Subsidy Scheme for Designated Professions/Sectors”. Each eligible student may obtain the subsidy of HK$76,800 each academic year. The first year tuition fee after deducting the subsidy is listed below. For the details, please visit: here…

1st year tuition feeHK$111,540
1st year tuition fee after deducting subsidyHK$34,740

Scoring scheme

Admission Score Index

Previous Admission Score Index

Min. Entrance Requirements

Core subjects

[^] “Offer chance” indicates the possibility of obtaining an offer from the JUPAS programme. It is estimated by calculating the score from the exam results entered in “My HKDSE”, according to the scoring system and subject weightings of the programme, and comparing with the admission scores in the past years. More the star symbols, higher is the possibility of obtaining an offer. The highest possibility is indicated by 5 stars. Interview, test and other non-academic performances are not considered in the estimation. The estimated possibilities are for reference only, and are regardless of the actual offer results. We do not take any responsibility for the accuracy of the offer possibility estimation. To know more, please visit: Algorithm for inferring the offer chances of JUPAS programmes

Offer chance: Slim
Offer chance: Little
Offer chance: Try it out
Offer chance: Medium
Offer chance: High
Offer chance: Strong

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